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Real-Time Rails: applying WebSockets in rail 5 with Action Cable

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This has been a year since actions cable tv debuted at RailsConf 2015, and Sophie DeBenedetto is here to resolve issue inside the brains of a lot designers: what-is-it like to apply "the emphasize of Rails 5"? Sophie is actually an internet developer and a teacher on Flatiron School. The lady basic appreciation was Ruby on rail, although she's created jobs with and discussing rail, Ember and Phoenix.

The past few years have observed the rise of "the real time online." Internet programs we make use of every day use real-time features-the kind of qualities that permit the thing is newer posts amazingly showing up near the top of their feeds without having to carry a finger.

Although we usually takes those properties as a given, they express a substantial departure through the HTTP protocol's rigorous request-response structure.